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2020-05-08 Graduation Celebration Announcement from Ken Brewer

posted May 8, 2020, 6:42 AM by Bobby Morrison
Dear Church Family:

We have a wonderful ministry opportunity for you! As you well know, COVID has transformed our lives and altered many of our traditions. This includes Middle School, High School, and College graduations. Well, we think that is just a shame! So, we have decided to put on a graduation party for the immediate families of the 20 kids in our youth group that are graduating.  This will be on Thursday 5/21, and it is only for the immediate families.  Think of it, we have an opportunity to love on 20 graduates!!!!

What I need from you, church family, are two things. First can you write a note of celebration and encouragement to them? It can be filled with advice, favorite scriptures, words of hope! Whatever you want! We want to include this personal note in our gift bags for each student graduating. Secondly, and only if you want to, we would like to have a gift card included. This can be to a local coffee shop, Wal-mart, food city, local boutique, amazon, etc...

Anything you gift (Notes of celebration and gift cards) needs to be given to either Me or Shannon on Sunday May 17th, or at the latest on Wednesday May 20th. 

I am excited for these kids to see how much they are loved by our church family!

The students are:
College Graduate
    Hannah Haynie

High School Graduates:
   Isaac Haynie
   Scout Hopson
   Baleigh Rambo
   Camie Russell
   Flint Carter
   Carter Adams
   Grant Busler
   Ethan Heater
   Maddie Collins
   Emma Beddingfield
   AJ McGill
   Sully Fox
   Chase Carter
   Sam Bowman

Eighth Grade Graduates:
   Kyndall Brewer
   Leah Beddingfield
   Carlie Shipley
   Cooper Johnson
   Derek Adams