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May 2014 Events

posted Apr 15, 2014, 7:22 AM by Bobby Morrison
May 5 - 6; Pastor's Fellowship in Winchester, KY. Pastor Morrison will be attending those services.  All are invited to attend this event and hear wonderful messages from various Church of God pastors.
This year's theme is 'When Jesus Does the Preaching'. Sermon schedule is:
            1:30 pm - Dr. Bill Neece, 'The Christ of the Churches';
            3:00 pm - Rev. Charles Heater, 'The Church at Ephesus - "Lovelessness";
            6:30 pm - Dr. Mark Jackson, 'The Church at Smyrna - "Longsuffering";
            8:15 pm - Rev. Tommy Walker, 'The Church at Pergamos - "Laxity"
            9:00 am - Rev Nick Wilson, 'The Church at Thyatira - "Liberalism";
            10:30 am Rev. Garry Bates, 'The Church at Sardis - Lifelessness",
            2:00 pm - Rev. Harold Goodpastor, 'The Church at Philadelphia - "Loyalty";
            3:30 pm - Rev. Richard Bradley, 'The Church at Laodicea - "Lukewarmness"
May 11 - Mother's Day,  Come and join us as we celebrate our wonderful Mothers.
May 25 - Church Council Meeting
May 31 at 3:00 pm - Wedding Bells will be ringing for Mr. Brandon Bailey and Miss Chelsea Morrison